Ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly all co-exist here. Its variety is one of Istanbul's greatest attractions: The ancient mosques, palaces, museums and bazaars reflect its diverse history. The thriving shopping area of Taksim buzzes with life and entertainment. And the serene beauty of the Bosphorus, Princes Islands

Istanbul Districts    
Eminonu & Sultanahmet    
Many places of tourist interest are concentrated in Sultanahmet, heart of the Imperial Centre of the Ottoman Empire.


Beyoglu & Taksim

Beyoglu is an interesting example of a district with European-influenced architecture, from a century before. Europe's second oldest subway

A stay in Istanbul is not complete without a traditional and unforgettable boat excursion up the Bosphorus, that winding strait that separates Europe and Asia

  Istanbul Sightseeing    




Grand Bazaar
-Spice Market
-Arasta Bazaar
Golden Horn
-Pierre Loti
-Eyup Mosque
Pirncess Island